Saturday, September 1, 2007

long jawns + dj eyecue @ nara

fun dance party, good style, good night

long jawns himself
the fedora, white tie, and jeans are totally classic. gotta love it. plus he ruled tonight so, fuck yeah.

the bag, the shoes, the dress, the AA headband and the mini vest made me love the look. simple, good dancewear, itll keep you relatively cool on the dancefloor that is satans ballsack

oh what lovely artstudents do we have here, miss ann mason and stuart.
anne masons late night bike riding attire also doubles as the comfy garments for tearing up the dance floor.
and speaking of tearing up the dancefloor, we have mr. stuart right next to her wearing the shortest shorts i ever did see, and yet no one could have rocked them as well as he. i adore the mustardy yellow and the bright green headband. its about as richmond to the max as you can get

sweet print on the button down dude. it compliments the turquoise headband and the mustard yellow AA jeans.dig

i love me some marc jacobs. fabulous dahling

nudie jeans, reebok high tops, and a killer shirt from rumors (if your in richmond go to rumors, one of the best boutiques in richmond, if not THE best), and the nudies you can get at need (rated in the top 100 denim stores in the nation). he knows where to shop. good man.

those shorts, that firey red shirt, and your spunky hair make this one hell of a fun dancing outfit. you my friend rule

excellent representation of the skater/punk scene. bright shirt, tight torn and altered jeans. bandana scarf. he makes skaters look cool, and not like douchebags.

this is just fun. do i need to explain this one?

wooty woo never does anything wrong.

i just thought it ruled


pictures from the dance floor