Saturday, September 1, 2007

long jawns + dj eyecue @ nara

fun dance party, good style, good night

long jawns himself
the fedora, white tie, and jeans are totally classic. gotta love it. plus he ruled tonight so, fuck yeah.

the bag, the shoes, the dress, the AA headband and the mini vest made me love the look. simple, good dancewear, itll keep you relatively cool on the dancefloor that is satans ballsack

oh what lovely artstudents do we have here, miss ann mason and stuart.
anne masons late night bike riding attire also doubles as the comfy garments for tearing up the dance floor.
and speaking of tearing up the dancefloor, we have mr. stuart right next to her wearing the shortest shorts i ever did see, and yet no one could have rocked them as well as he. i adore the mustardy yellow and the bright green headband. its about as richmond to the max as you can get

sweet print on the button down dude. it compliments the turquoise headband and the mustard yellow AA jeans.dig

i love me some marc jacobs. fabulous dahling

nudie jeans, reebok high tops, and a killer shirt from rumors (if your in richmond go to rumors, one of the best boutiques in richmond, if not THE best), and the nudies you can get at need (rated in the top 100 denim stores in the nation). he knows where to shop. good man.

those shorts, that firey red shirt, and your spunky hair make this one hell of a fun dancing outfit. you my friend rule

excellent representation of the skater/punk scene. bright shirt, tight torn and altered jeans. bandana scarf. he makes skaters look cool, and not like douchebags.

this is just fun. do i need to explain this one?

wooty woo never does anything wrong.

i just thought it ruled


pictures from the dance floor

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

vcu, first week back

after the slow summer im back. and seriously this time. im downtown daily (as opposed to summer where it was only for a couple of hours a week) and i thought id start off by showcasing some of the stuff down at virginia commonwealth university (for those who dont know what vcu stands for). im ridiculously excited with seeing what people are wearing and for the most part this year seems like a step up than fall06/spring 07 year. so i will be regularly updating this page weekly, unless im out of town or have a huge art assignment going. but apart from those itll be grand. also soon im going to be showcasing the richmond bike scene. guys and gals who i see a lot on their bikes and dress well for biking and have fantastic fixies/or otherwise.

without further procrastination here comes the first of many batches of the year.

the altered mens shirt, sunglasses, jeans, shoes, necklace, bracelet, tank top underneath, hair, etc looked just really nice on the hot late sumer day. one thing about richmond is the heat + humidity here, and its hard as hell to look good without feeling nasty. shes fantastic

i love this guy. im sure yall remember him in a few past posts. hes been rocking soccer jerseys, and this fantastic pink fanny pack that was his moms i believe and he found it recently. he also has killer shoes. chino, you rule

eliza is the only person ive seen to wear rainbows well. hers are torn and tattered and match her amazingly shaggy hair. speaking of hair the headband is perfect. her altered thrift store finds add to the disheveled look she has mastered. love it

hes got the punk down. those red pants caught my eye about 100 yards away. killer

the guy on the right is wearing the only true religion jeans that ive ever liked. they both just knew what they were doing, did it well, and i dig that.

i can already tell im gonna be good friends with these two. saul has totally got this british look down. the grey buttondown with purple tie, tiiiiight black jeans and pointy dres shoes and the shades made the cool in the air around him palpable. adrian had the fun summery layering on which was actually what initially caught my eye. the teal sunglasses popped off her fair complexion and her black hair. i look forward to seeing them more in the future. i raise my glass to you two.

i love:
the inside outshirt, bumblebee drawing nametag, cutoffs, belt buckle, lifting/riding gloves, the nikes and the incredibly blonde hair. period.

acid wash anything rules.well it does if it looks good. and it fit him so much. the graphic tank top, pale green velcro shoes and the lime green hat. its got that busy urban scene look that rocks, without going over the top with anything. comfortable for biking im sure.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

rva magazine

the return

im back, and these pictures can be found in the latest issue of rva magazine.
ill scan it a little later on